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Appleton estate rum // Limited EDITION

Appleton Estate, deep in the middle of Jamaica’s Nassau Valley, began perfecting complex rum-making over 265 years ago. Surrounded by densely forested limestone hills, the region’s topography makes for a rum unlike any other. This former Jack Daniels whiskey barrel has been used to mature tropical Appleton Estate Rum.

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Barrel Specs.

Cask Number: Distillery’s Secret

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Now serving his final life, this former Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel has been used for making a tropical rum from Jamaica: Appleton Estate.

Spirits age quicker in tropical climates than cooler ones. This means that the flavour of our rums develops at a quicker pace. 

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Official Barrel document
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Pedro Ximenez Hogshead #10117 before the shredding
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Pedro Ximenez Hogshead #10117 after the shredding
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Learn more about

The Macallan

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Appleton Estate

Of the Foggy Moss
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The five sources of flavour

  1. Grain: Woodford Reserve is crafted from a grain recipe of 72pct corn, 18pct rye and 10pct malted barley. This recipe balances the sweetness of corn with the spice of rye, and the nuttiness of malt to build the base for the world’s most flavourful bourbon.
  2. The water: The water they use to craft Woodford Reserve comes directly from the distillery. it is naturally filtered by the limestone deposits under the property. Iron-free and mineral rich, it is a crucial ingredient in process.
  3. Fermentation: The fermentation process is among the longest in the industry. This extra time, paired with our unique yeast strain, creates a great depth of character and complex range of flavours.
  4. Distillation: The perfectly balanced flavour of Woodford Reserve comes from a careful batching process of whiskey distilled in pot stills and whiskey distilled in column stills. No other whiskey can boast such a flavour combination.
  5. Maturation: Woodford Reserve has been matured in new, charred, white oak barrels of their own making. The barrel is a key ingredient in the process, contributing flavour, complexity, and balance. That’s why they craft, toast, and char bourbon barrels at their very own cooperage. After filling, barrels age in their unique heat-cycled warehouses until mature.



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