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Aultmore whisky / Limited EDITION

Aultmore distillery was founded in 1897 by Alexander Edward, one of Scotland’s best-known distillers, during the peak of the late-Victorian whisky boom. Supplied to the big blending houses of the day, AULTMORE single malt’s popularity with them gave rise to the distillery’s success, having drawn great admiration for the smoothness of its spirit. In fact, its qualities are so fine and well-balanced that it was soon one of just a few single malts rated ‘Top Class’ by industry experts.

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Barrel Specs.

Cask Number: Sherry HDD #101

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Now serving his final life, this barrel has been used for making a fine Speyside whisky: Aultmore.

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8 Years

The whisky that has been maturing in this cask has been made back in 2008. That means the whisky has been distilled and aged in refill Hogsheads from that moment on. After 8 years, on the 10th of septembre 2015, the aged whisky has been filled into this ex-Sherry Barrel for another 5+ years of maturation.

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62 Months

In novembre 2020, after 5+ years of maturing the now 12yo whisky, this barrel has been emptied, giving the world a wonderfull Aultmore whisky. Now this barrel can allmost retire. In march 2021 we’ve shredded the Barrel into little chips, giving you the oppurtinity to age your own liquor with this used Aultmore whisky Barrel. 

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This Barrel has been used for storing Sherry from Jerez, before it has been used for maturing Aultmore Whisky. It gives the whisky an extreme rich and intenste flavour.

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Official Barrel document
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Pedro Ximenez Hogshead #10117 before the shredding
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Pedro Ximenez Hogshead #10117 after the shredding
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Learn more about

The Macallan

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Of the Foggy Moss
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Aultmore is a whisky distillery in Keuth (Banffshire) that produces a single malt whisky of the same name. Aultmore’s name is derived from An t-Allt Mor, Scottish Gaelic for large brook: a reference to the whisky’s water supply, the Auchinderran burg.

Aultmore was founded in 1895 by Alexander Edward, who at that time also owned the Benrinnes Distillery. Initally the distillery was powered by a water wheel, but soon Aultmore switched to using a steam engine. The steam engine has been in continuous use for 70 years apart from maintenance time. During maintenance, the waterwheel fell back on, which was no longer used. This steam engine is now on display at the distillery. In 1898 there was an expansion of the distillery, which doubled production. In 1899, Aultmore was owned by Pattisons, which went bankrupt that year. Production dropped to zero, and the distillery was closed. In 1904 Aultmore reopened, but had to close again due to the grain shortages of the First World War. After the First World War, the distillery reopened and was bought by John Dewar & Sons in 1923. Shortly afterwards, in 1925, Distiller Company acquired Aultmore from John Dewar & Sons. In 1930 Aultmore sold again, this time to Scottish Malt Distillers. The distillery was one of the first when they started using the trot as animal feed in the 1950s. The distillery closed the malt floors in 1968, and two years later, in 1970, Aultmore was completely renovated. Two new boilers were placed next to the old one, and Aultmore was reopened in 1971. In 1998 Aultmore returned to John Dewar & Sons, also owner between 1923 and 1925, which had since become part of Bacardi. The first official bottling of Aultmore, a twelve-year-old whiskey, came out in 2004. Prior to that, a semi-official bottling had already been released in the Flora and Fauna series, and a Rare Malts collection release. 



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