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Glenrothes  / cask #00001641 /Limited EDITION

Glenrothes is one of the last distilleries in Scotland that maintain their own in- house cooperage. So they take wood very seriously. That’s why the majority of The Glenrothes is matured in sherry seasoned oak casks. These are carefully produced to their exacting standards, in Jerez, Spain. Glenrothes’ commitment to the importance of sherry seasoning persists, in order to ensure the delivery of the flavour profiles achieved through a careful balance of European and American Oak. At The Glenrothes they continue to source and repair the most sought-after sherry casks at their cooperage, driven by the knowledge that to make the best whisky, only the best wood will do.

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Barrel Specs.

Cask Number: Speyside Glenrothes #00001641

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22 Years

The whisky that has been maturing in this cask has been made back in 1995. That means the whisky has been distilled and aged in ex-bourbon barrels from that moment on. After 22 years, on the 28th of february 2017, the aged whisky has been filled into this ex-Sherry Pedro Ximenez Barrel for another 3,5 years of maturation.

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42 Months

In october 2020, after 3,5 years of maturing the now 25yo whisky, this barrel has been emptied, giving the world a wonderfull The Macallan whisky. Now this barrel can allmost retire. In december 2020 we’ve shredded the Barrel into little chips, giving you the oppurtinity to age your own liquor with this used Macallen whisky Barrel. 

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PX Sherry

This Barrel has been used for storing Pedro Ximenez Sherry from Jerez, before it has been used for maturing The Macallan Whisky. It gives the whisky an extreme rich and intenste flavour.

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Official Barrel document
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Pedro Ximenez Hogshead #10117 before the shredding
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Pedro Ximenez Hogshead #10117 after the shredding
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Learn more about

The Macallan

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The Macallan

Born from extraordinary Oak Barrels
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The Macallan was one of the first distillers of Scotland to be legally lincensed. Since then The Macallan has built a reputation as one one of the world’s leading single malt whiskies. 

The Macallan distillery was founded in 1824 by Alexander Reid, a barley farmer and school teacher. The original name of the area was “Maghellan”, taken from the Gallic word “magh”, meaning fertile ground and “Ellan”, from the Monk St. Fillan – who held a close association with the church that stood in de grounds of The Macallan Estate until 1400. Farmers had been making whisky on their Speyside farms in the area for centuries, using their surplus barley during the quieter winter months. 

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