Win a homebar


By adding €100,- worth of drinks!

How to be 1 of 15 winners?

It’s super easy. Just leave your email behind and you automatically participate.


When & how will the winners be announced?

On the 31st of March 2023 we will announce the 15 winners by sending you an email.

Where can i spend €100,-?

You can spend the money at any online or offline liquor store you prefer. We’ll transfer €100,- into your bank account. Do you need help with selecting awesome drinks? Just give us a shout and we’ll be there to help you!

How many prices will be given away?

We will give a total of 15 vouchers of €100,- each.

What happens with my email address?

When you sign up for this giveaway, you’ll automatically sign up for our newsletters. However you allways have to possibility to unsubscribe, ofcourse.

Can I choose anything i want?

Hell yeah. Spend the money on whatever & wherever you like. Do you want to spend it on beers & wines? Go ahead! Do you want to buy one awesome bottle of whisky? Enjoy it!

Who are you guys?

Deer Jimmy’s DIY Barrel Chips is a brand by The Flavour Company: a Dutch based Company specialized in alcoholic & non-alcoholic gifting brands.