Age it yourself.

Age your own whisky/bourbon/rum flavoured liquor. Just add vodka or genever to Deer Jimmy’s bottle, keep your cool for 4-8 weeks and enjoy with family and friends. Cheers!

Single Barrel Chips.

Serving their final lifes, our used barrels have been used for making the most finest whisky’s. Our First Edition contains Barrel Chips from a former Pedro Ximenex Sherry Hogshead. After having aged for 22 years in ex-bourbon barrels, the whisky has matured for an additional 3,5 years in this PX Sherry Barrel. Just imagine the rich and complex flavours these Barrel Chips will give your liquor in just 4-8 weeks!

Cask type & Number: Speyside Macallan PX HDD #10117

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How to DIY


Add liquor

Add Vodka, Genever or another neutral distillate to the Deer Jimmy’s Barrel Chips.


Keep your cool

Store the bottle in a cool & dark place for at least 4 – 8 weeks and let time do it’s work.


Enjoy nipping

Drink pure or use as cocktail ingredient. Make sure to filter before use.