Age your own whisky-, bourbon- or rum flavoured liquor. Add vodka/Jenever to the Deer Jimmy’s bottle, keep your cool for 4+ weeks and enjoy with family & friends.

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How it works

Deer Jimmy’s Barrel Chips

Single cask barrel chips in a bottle.

Just add vodka/genever to the bottle, wait for several weeks and enjoy your own whisky-, bourbon- or rum flavourd spirit! A perfect gift for spirit lovers.

premium limited editions only
We select the best used barrels from only premium whisky, bourbon and rum distilleries. The barrels are always “fresh”, which means they contain an extremely high amount of flavour. The “processing” of our barrels is intensive. The barrels are stripped of the metal rings, after which they are sandblasted from the outside and blown clean. This removes all the dirt. The clean barrel is then shredded for 10 times into small Barrel Chips. Finally, we sift out the splinters and the dust so that you are left with the most beautiful and tastiest Barrel Chips. No more than 750 bottles per barrel will be made. The rest of the chips we use for our refill bags.